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Thankyou for visiting to learn more about me. I have two great loves... Creative Quilting and American Indian Culture.

I am a registered member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma. My Father was Choctaw, my Mother was White. I have 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.

I have displayed at various quilt shows, (Houston, TX and Paducah, KY). I have been featured in quilting publications, Creative Quilting and four of House of White Birches. I have been featured in many quilting magazines as a source for photos on fabric. I feel that my first Memory Quilt that appeared in the September, 1987 issue of Creative Quilting Magazine was the beginning of the "memory quilt craze" (self imposed).

For years I had a retail business, Fabric Fotos, that prompted me to start a manufacturing business I called "Bulls Country", and then I applied for and was issued a Patent (#4,724,468 issued February, 1988 - now expired) for the process I developed in my manufacturing business, with 6 employees. With my manufacturing business, I had seven Trade Mart Representatives: Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Me in the retail shop of my manufacturing business.
amarillo-choctaw   —   Charlene Bulls Dodson

Memory Quilt that I made for my husband.
Memory Quilt

I was Director of the American Indian Cultural Center in Amarillo, Texas for 6 years. I started a program there for Indian Women to learn to quilt. We sold them on eBay, which launched my journey on eBay. You'll find some of my work in my store and I truly hope that you love it as much as I love creating it.

Charlene in buckskin dress:

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